Hands-on Training & Workshops

We take learning-by-doing approach to enable your product team to learn most effectively through activities that are grounded in their day-to-day context rather than generic product management training. The blended program includes workshops, bootcamp exercises, real project work, customized to your teams needs. Below are some examples.

Product vision alignment & strategy workshops

Visioning workshops to review your current product vision to determine if the organization aligns with it. We start the dialogue by asking important questions and bring teams (not just management) into working sessions, consider alternatives to identify the best ideas, validate what the team is trying to achieve and agree together how we intend to get there. Sessions run over ~2-3 days, depending on the organization scope.

Product backlog prioritization and roadmapping workshops

We lead or facilitate backlog prioritisation or refinements sessions to reduce the amount of ambiguity and increase the clarity in understanding by the team about the upcoming srpints goals, user stories / tasks in your backlog

Growth and Innovation workshops

We lead or facilitate workshops to answer some key growth questions:

  • what are the team aspirations in terms of growth?
  • how to explore new products or services for emerging needs?
  • how to improve key engagement and product metrics to drive user growth?
  • what will be required to succeed in adjacent space?
  • what are the “right” types of experiments to run to increase your chances of improving growth?
  • what complementary product features & services can we offer to a new segment of customers / next market?