Personal Development For Founders, Product and Startup Leaders

Whether you’re a founder, startup exec or an aspiring product leader looking to make personal development a priority, we can strengthen your capabilities to help you grow, build a better team and (minimum viable) company.

Individuals who embrace a continuous learning mindset — the ongoing work to uplevel in pursuit of learning, are better positioned for future needed skills shifts and often make stronger product leaders and teammates.

That’s why we've developed three tracks that deep dive into foundational topics and actionable frameworks to help you develop and expand your skills across product and leadership principles. Each track includes live sessions, text materials, review of real-world case studies, coaching and mentorship hours. The materials are grounded in tactics and application that you can weave into your everyday routine.

6-weeks track is for founders and product leaders looking to level up and enhance their understanding of foundational topics across product and leadership principles, goal-setting, product strategy, product-market fit, approach to building minimum viable company, diagnosing & measuring product, and team health, how to navigate product evolution in an early & growth stage startup environment, retention + engagement topics and more.
February 2021 acceptance - Pre-Register here

Career accelerator track for aspiring product professionals distills foundational knowledge, product principles and actionable frameworks from today’s fastest-growing companies. This intensive 6-week program is taught by product leaders in the field who have dedicated their time & energy to build personal development programs and inspired professionals to master product management skills and grow.
March 2021 acceptance - Pre-Register here

Build your own track - choose what you want to develop - bring your own topics, and challenges