Capabilities Underpinning Product Management

We define product capability as the focused deployment of tools, frameworks and competencies in support of the product organization’s goals & function. By taking a capability-centric view of the product orgnization, the key decision makers need to identify what capabilities, including actions, methods, and metrics are needed in order to deliver specific outcomes to achieve their strategic objectives. The modules below are based on data and insights from over a hundred individuals across product teams, industry experts, and academic research. These seven areas follow the product management best practice, and each one has a related assessment, activities and worksheet to help turn guidance into action.

Business Acumen

Focused on product strategy, prioritization, decision-making process, commercialization, business models, and tracking key product metrics and performance indicators.

Customer & Market Knowledge

Leading customer research & discovery, opportunity assessment and validation, conducting user interviews, carrying out contextual research and SWOT analysis.

Product Leadership

Visioning, team building, stakeholders management, setting goals with OKRs, Influence without authority, effective communication and collaboration.

Product Delivery

Requirement gathering definition, collaboration with engineering & design functions, backlog prioritization, roadmapping, release process.

Technical Skills

Knowledge of system design, 3-tier architecture in software products, API as a product, basic process triage, troubleshooting and performance measurement.

Analytical & Problem Solving

Formulation and reasoning about factual & analytical problems.


Comfort with leading innovation process, exhibiting an aptitude for the work of new product development from idea generation, prototyping to building minimum loveable products to market launch successfully.